lolra (alightinthadark) wrote in tribe_lovers,

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Grrr to Gay O L

Yah, I call AOL Gay O L. Just say it outloud and you'll get it. lol. Anyway, lovesram, you tried to IM me, but this gay AIM won't let me reply! I like, type in stuff and hit enter and it won't let me send! so I'm like "WTF?" but hey I found out some good news from my friend in New Zealand. He's Trudys IRL cousin, and he says that Tom Hern is gonna be playing at Dragon*Con ooooh I hope I can go *pukes with joy* Are you guys gonna go? I want to just to meet tom... screw the rest of the con, lol. But Ellie, sorry it wont work -.- it will later on this after noon its just being gay for now... lol
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